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Big mining equipment selling at upcoming auctions

In the world of heavy equipment, mining gear is definitely king of the hill. It's big, it's heavy, it's powerful, and it's nothing less than awe-inspiring. Every year we sell thousands of drilling and mining equipment items, and we've seen some amazing pieces pass through our unreserved auctions all around the world – everything from huge Caterpillar D11 dozers and Cat 994 wheel loaders to massive rock trucks and front shovels like the 2004 O&K RH200 pictured above. But no matter how big, every item was sold on auction day, regardless of price – no minimum bids or reserve prices.

Here's a look some interesting facts about mining equipment sold at Ritchie Bros. unreserved public auctions.

The numbers: mining equipment we've sold in the last 2 years.

  • Rock trucks / heavy haul mining trucks – 860
  • Articulated dump trucks – 2,957
  • Loaders – 10,368
  • Dozers – 6,838
  • Front shovels – 13

Large selection of mining equipment, including rock trucks and articulated dump trucks selling at our auctions

The makers: top 5 brands we've sold in the last 2 years.

(Ranked by number of mining equipment items sold)

  1. Caterpillar
  2. John Deere
  3. Volvo
  4. Komatsu
  5. Case

We've also sold thousands of other items including motor graders, drills, boring machines and underground mining equipment like haul trucks, scoop trams, locomotives and more. Search our current drilling and mining equipment inventory here.

The biggest ticket items: 5 we've sold in the last 2 years.

1. 2011 Caterpillar 777F rock truck – AU$1,210,000

This Caterpillar rock truck is sold

We sold this 2011 Caterpillar 777F at our Brisbane, Australia auction in September 2012 for AU$1,210,000 (approx. US$1,277,800). The Caterpillar 777 off-highway truck was introduced in 1977; the Cat 777G is the latest model available, replacing the Caterpillar 777F in March 2012.

2. Unused 2012 Caterpillar D10T dozer – US$1,070,000

Caterpillar D10T dozer sold at Ritchie Bros. auction

This unused 2012 Caterpillar D10T dozer sold at our auction in Phoenix, AZ in September 2013 for US$1,070,000. The Caterpillar D10 was first introduced in 1977, and remained Cat's largest dozer until the introduction of the Caterpillar D11 in 1986.

3. 2009 Hitachi EX2500-6 front shovel – US$650,000

Hitachi front shovel sold for US$650,000

We sold this colossal Hitachi EX2500-6 front shovel for US$650,000 at our Charleston, WV auction in May 2013. Standing 23.8 ft (7.25 m) to the top of the cab, this massive mining machine has a 21.6 cubic yard (16.5 cubic meter) bucket capacity.

4. 2008 Caterpillar 992K wheel loader – US$610,000

Caterpillar 992K wheel loader sold for US$610,000

Our auction in Raleigh-Durham, NC in September 2012 featured this 2008 Caterpillar 992K wheel loader that sold for US$610,000. With a 16 cubic yard (12.2 cubic meter) bucket capacity, this loader is huge—but not the largest wheel loader in the world, as you can see in our blog spotlight on wheel loaders.

5. Unused 2012 Volvo A40F 6x6 articulated dump truck – AU$475,000

olvo A40F 6x6 articulated dump truck sold for AU$475,000

This unused 2012 Volvo A40F 6x6 articulated dump truck sold for AU$475,000 (approx. US$501,600) at our Brisbane, Australia auction in September 2012. Articulated dump trucks gained popularity in the 1960s, and Volvo became a market leader in the space in the 1970s.

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