More cash flow, less taxes. Simple.

U.S. taxpayers: when you sell equipment, you pay up to 40% tax on the gain—money that could be used to replace or upgrade your equipment fleet. Planning to replace your equipment? Make the U.S. tax system work for you with a 1031 Like-Kind Exchange through Accruit.

  • Increase your cash flow
  • Reduce your borrowing needs
  • Pay 0% tax on the gain this year
  • Defer taxes on gains indefinitely if you keep replacing equipment through LKEs
  • Have more money to re-invest in equipment

Contact Accruit before you buy or sell and keep more money in your business: phone +1.866.397.1031.

Keep your money where it belongs: in your business

Accruit works for people like you

  • You're selling equipment and plan to buy replacement assets within six months
  • You pay taxes in the U.S.
  • You depreciate your assets
  • Your equipment holds its value

Not sure if you qualify? Phone +1.866.397.1031 and ask the experts at Accruit.

The right time for a Like-Kind Exchange

  • Replacing older equipment with newer models
  • Restructuring your fleet for a new project or new line of business
  • Upgrading equipment to meet emissions regulations
  • Purchasing replacement assets before you sell to avoid downtime

Talk to the experts at Accruit

Since 2007, Accruit LLC has partnered with Ritchie Bros. to provide Like-Kind Exchange services to the U.S. construction, trucking and agriculture industries. Accruit has helped American companies turn billions of dollars of tax liability into cash flow. They can help you too.

  • Easy process – Integrated with Ritchie Bros. processes, Accruit does the work and you get the benefits
  • Safe, secure and proven system that takes advantage of U.S. tax law
  • Dedicated staff to assist you by phone or email
  • Track your exchanges online, 24/7
  • Effectively used by hundreds of Ritchie Bros. customers in their auction exchanges

Contact Accruit before you buy or sell equipment—and keep more cash in your business. Phone +1.866.397.1031 or email

Speak to the experts

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